Safeguarding You and Your Next Generation!


Eliminating airborne bacteria, fungi and illness

It is difficult to overcome the alarming environmental state that is happening around us. The condition of our environment can eventually affect ourselves and also our family members. Although it is such, we can still find a way to prevent it from occurring.

Scientist has proven that the combination of brass and alkaline reacts really well towards varieties of acids such as sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide that resides the air. This chemical reaction helps to improve the quality of air and increases the positive energy within the house.

Functions: Balancing principle

To neutralize the bad chi flow on 'Grand Duke', '2 Black Stars' and '5 Yellow Stars' The Treasure Vessel II acts on a balancing principle, the presence of sulphur oxide and carbon dioxide in the air renders the acidic level in the air. This is bad for the inhaler's health. After inhaling it for a period of time, we will eventually fall sick. The VISIBER coins and saline water produces a basic solution that neutralizes the acidic level in the air flow within the household. The acidicity in the air is purified while the magnetic field is balanced.