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Made with 'liu li', which has similar colored glass used in ancient China

A seal is generally any medium carved with certain words or symbols that is used to authenticate a document with an identity or principle, much like a signature. Prior to the Qin dynasty, all the seals were known as 'Xi', which is now commonly associated with the seals used by emperors. It was only after the unification of China that a distinction was made between the Emperor's 'Xi' and the 'Yin' (the contemporary word for a seal), used by his subjects and the citizens.

Thus began the days of using seals as signs of authority in China. VISIBER's Authority Seal is made with 'liu li', which is the same type of colored glass used in ancient China. Modern 'liu li' is usually made using the ancient art of the lost-wax casting process. This delicate process requires skills and experience, as any missteps will result in a flawed or damaged product.