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VISIBER's new Ⓥ Silver Twins pendant brings you the awe inspiring beauty of silver. The Ⓥ Silver Twins pendant combines the power of two numbers, bringing the infinitely positive metaphorical meaning Win-win to life. This colourful selection is hip, trendy, and gleams with beauty and style. Each piece is meticulously crafted, sporting fluid soft lines. Its aesthetic design boasts the finesse of silver, and each piece tastefully carries a striking feature of cold enamel in Gold, Blue, Yellow, Red and Green. The harmonious blend creates an exquisite energy that tap into the wearer's inner power.

Ⓥ Silver Twins pendant is unique, fully echoing the young heartbeats that seek originality and individual style. The dazzling dual numbers, represent abundance and prosperity, attract positivity and abundance to wearer and promote the Win-win situation essential for building long-lasting success in all aspects of life. Ⓥ Silver Twins pendant is crafted with great precision, integrating the natural energy of amethyst that helps wearer to achieve harmony with nature, and finally reaching the balanced state between body, mind and spirit.

The Ⓥ Silver Twins pendant features dual numbers 57 and 96. Numbers 5 and 7 represent social network and social activities. A combination of these numbers draws immense energy that benefits the expansion of one's social circle. Meanwhile, numbers 9 and 6 represent wisdom and wealth. They carry energy that helps the increase of one's wealth, boosts wearer's creativity and promotes career advancement, therefore positively attracting greater prosperity and rewards to life. The numerical energy and magnetic field of both designs bring forth a charisma, enhances popularity and up your nobleman luck. A Win-win combination indeed.