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V Numbers touches up your life by helping you to understand yourself better.Sometimes it takes just a touch, to make all the differences.

We all have different expectations of life. Some people see life as a process, while others see it for what it may bring. But with uncertainties as a feature of life, what must we do and who can we go to for advice?

When encountering problems, many people like to seek external advice rather than asking themselves what to do. The reason for this is that they don't know what they seek, or what they lack or need. For this, they remain helpless as it is.

The best solution, in fact, comes from our very own heart. For the lost, what is needed is a cognitive breakout and the fastest way to do so is by using the transformative V Numbers Methodology.

As simple as it sounds, nine numbers hold the solution to your problems. Do examine the numbers that can impact your life and explore how numbers can improve your actions. Make a change, turnaround your life, you will soon see the benefits of the V Numbers.

Design Concept

In contrast to previous designs, the arc that composes the numbers 1-9 is stroked by a winding stretch of painted enamel. The design gives the pendant a touch of exquisite enamelled colour, while retaining the lustre of the white gold body, serving as a metaphor how one touch can colour our lives.

The hanging crystal serves as the heart of the pendant, swinging along with the number, just like how the human heart beats in different rhythms according to our actions. The smooth lines of the enamel signify how the numbers blend with our hearts, complementing each other.

The trainer disciplines the heart, while the executor executes the dream. To train is to amend one's shortcomings, and to rein in our desires. To execute implies only through actions can we achieve our dreams. In other words, every journey begins with the heart, only if we understand it that we can have a different vision of life.

The Touch of Light Pendant, as the name implies, touches up your life by helping you to understand yourself better. Sometimes it takes just a touch, to make all the differences.

Wearing a pendant is to remind us of our strengths and shortcomings. We must make the best of our strengths and modify our shortcomings; change comes from the heart and we act from it.

VISIBER's Touch of Light Pendant embodies the beauty and wisdom of numbers, with each representing different meanings and revelations. Moreover, the five colours of the enamel represent the Five Elements, which is indispensable in all VISIBER jewellery products.

Happiness comes from the improvement of the self. Let us safeguard your future as well as the next generation's!


9K White Gold, Enamel, White Topaz


Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow