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When will the VISIBER Exclusive rewards programme begin?
The programme will take effect on 4 December, 2017
How do I get started with VISIBER Exclusive rewards programme?
This programme is opens to ALL VISIBER members in Malaysia & Singapore region. Kindly logon to VISIBER member zone at to activate your membership.
What is the VISIBER Exclusive membership fees?
There is no registration fee to apply for a membership.
Is the membership valid for a lifetime once I have sign up?
Yes, provided that you have at least 1 transaction in the last 24 months. However, once the VISIBER membership has terminated, the membership for this rewards programme will also be terminated.


How many types of membership status under VISIBER Exclusive rewards programme?
There are two(2) tier status under VISIBER Exclusive rewards programme.
What is VISIBER Exclusive Classic member?
Once you have signed up for VISIBER Exclusive rewards programme, you are immediately qualify as Classic membership.
How to become a VISIBER Exclusive VIP member?
When accumulate up to 15,000 Carats within 2 years, you will be upgraded to VIP status automatically.
What are the privilege benefits of VISIBER Exclusive VIP membership?
VIP member can earn extra 10% Carats for every RM1 spent on the product purchase. For example, every RM100 spent, VIP member can earn 77 Carats instead of 70 Carats.


'Carats' act as the term to be used to address point in this VISIBER Exclusive reward programme.

How do I earn Carats for purchases?
For every RM100 spent on the product purchase, you receive 70 Carats. Carats does not cover for any shipping costs. Thus, Carats are only earned from the actual amount spent on the product.
What are the featured product and how do I earn 5% extra Carats?
Featured product will change from time to time. When you purchase any featured item you will get a 5% extra Carats.
How can I earn more Carats besides of purchase product?
There are massive ways for you to earn points! Find out more at
How to check the Carats I have earned?
You can check your Carats statement via the VISIBER Member Zone.
Will my Carats expired?
Carats will remain valid for a period of twenty-four (24) months. After twenty-four(24) months, Carats will expire and deducted from the Member account.


How do I redeem my rewards item?
Logon to VISIBER Member Zone to redeem your rewards online.
When can I redeem for rewards item?
The redemption period will open quarterly. The first quarter redemption period start from 18 March 2018 until 31 March 2018.
When can I get my redemption item?
Item(s) redeemed will be delivered to you within 3-4 weeks from the item(s) approval date. All redemption item(s) are available only while stocks last.
Is the redemption item will change?
Redemption items list will change quarterly.