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Happiness does not happen in a vacuum; it is an entity with two aspects. Your happiness and unhappiness form the two aspects and are extreme ends, like yin and yang. Things happen for a reason in that sequence. When a problem strikes, opportunities arise. There will always be a change of events when unfavourable ones are a passé; explaining the saying of 'the appearance of a rainbow at the end of a storm'. Experiencing failures in life is but a process and a learning journey.

Thus, the numbers selected by VISIBER play a part in building a positive influence, to remind you and inculcate a life built on happiness.


The beauty of VISIBER symbolizes the health and confidence; love and responsibility; happiness and a future. In the process of providing happiness, VISIBER has introduced the newly designed, Double Happiness Pendant, made available in the form of three different number combinations - '57', '96', '63'. The Double Happiness Pendant does not simply represent the studies and knowledge of numbers, but also instils a positive and vibrant attitude towards life.

The word Double Happiness (囍) is made up of two Chinese characters for Happiness (喜). Each single character喜carries the meaning of 'love' or 'joy'. When it is combined, it signifies widespread happiness that is shared among many. The word Double Happiness is frequently used in celebrations and festivities due to its auspicious meaning. Many companies even use the word in their logo or trademark to denote 'happiness comes in a bundle'. VISIBER is inspired by the synergy brought about by the doubling of joy and happiness to create this intricate piece, and each pendant is designed to look like flowing ribbons to bring a sense of movement and dynamic beauty.



Observe the energy of the ribbon dancer, the joyful and graceful strokes of the ribbon as it engages the audience with its brilliant colours. These are the inspiration behind the Double Happiness Pendant, and what it projects - happiness from the strokes and colours like the pendant is dancing before you.

The 9K white gold sets as the stage and shines brightly with dazzling diamonds and natural white topaz. The diamonds are crafted using micro pave technique firmly holding the diamond; making them dazzling but not outshining the enamel. Double Happiness Pendant coloured with enamel making it dances in flamboyantly. Different colours of the enamel represent the five elements, which bring out the balance and harmony of happiness aesthetics.

Micro pave setting is a stone setting technique that has gained huge popularity in recent years. It is a technique that involves setting the stone under a 40x microscope, and was first used in precision luxury watches.

*Enamelling is a type of glass crystal that is fused with metal oxides to create different colours and shades. It can add a rich layer to any piece of jewellery, and imbue every piece with a charming lustre.


The Joy of Popularity Your happiness is doubled when your work is completed sooner, with help from friends around the world - across five oceans and seven continents. 57 number combinations offer the direction to the right people in your life who would lend a hand. Success cannot be obtained individually; it requires help and support from others which whom we must treasure as they play a large part in our success. Number 5 enhances your sense of direction, a direction to attaining your goal with confidence while avoiding wasted trips. But, you will need a hand in certain routes to give you a lift. This is when number 7, representative of network, steps in with the right network of people to lend their support and help. Together, 57 number combinations grant you a network of people who will help to speed up the achievement of your goals.


The Joy of Abundance 96 number combinations offers opportunities for the wise to take on in order to create business wealth. Number 9 represents success but sets as a reminder to remember your roots once successful. Success is not attainable if opportunities are not seized and number 6 comes as a representative of wisdom and a guide to success. Persistence is a concept that is frequently brought up in today's society. In the context of learning, if we continually and persistently learn, we will gain new insights, grow and be inspired. This is why the 96 number combinations is a necessary reminder for those looking to achieve glory and wealth.


The Joy of Fulfilment Sustained action is needed to continually grow one's wealth and wisdom in order to achieve a successful outcome and ultimate happiness.63 number combinations offers a push to help you create and maintain wealth. As mentioned earlier, number 6 represents wisdom, but if the wise does not take action, wealth cannot be created. Number 3 represents action. It also symbolises the trinity of Heaven, Earth, Man. To put it simple, it means being in the right time, being in the right place and enjoying a harmonious relationship with people. Success may not be guaranteed, but one should not hope to attain success without putting in effort.

Together, 63 number combinations creates an environment that challenges one's wisdom to make critical reflections for positive changes. These changes give you a different view of how to attain wealth with the right conditions. Fulfilment is only possible when wisdom and wealth combine with the right timing, favourable environment and a team in unity.

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