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A Full House and a Fulfilled Living

To live in a household of sufficiency, stability, and happiness is the kind of life we all aspire to. However, the key to this depends on whether one has a good living environment or not.

The 57society Pewter Frame series belongs to a series of household decor produced by 57society. It is designed using the combination of numbers methodology and a creative numerical culture, with a mission to create a distinct yet comfortable household environment.

Tailored to a household environment, the '165' 9Q Pewter Frame functions as more than a home furnishing, as it also improves the magnetic field of the house.

The Treasure of a Household

Our definition of a harmonious, happy household has always gone beyond the image of a beautiful house to include feelings of warmth and coziness. Without such feelings, the house is at best a 'shelter', not a home. Therefore, a happy living must be inclusive of flourishment, health, a successful career, vitality, prosperity, and others.